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Let's Color

I found myself inspired to produce a coloring book - do I color? No. Have I always wanted to make coloring books? No. 

Somehow it just happened and I love it - I think I'll make more. You can get your copy on your Amazon marketplace.


Intuitive Abstracts

For many years my greatest challenge was painting abstracts. 2021 was pretty magical in my intuitive painting journey. My process is simple - make a mark and then react to it.



During the early days of the pandemic, I was furloughed for about 6 weeks - I painted a new gouache painting every day and posted a video of my work on YouTube

If you like watching speed painting videos you'll find some great stuff here.

Screen Shot 2021-11-17 at 7.00.25 PM.png

1000 Face Challenge

I set out to paint and draw 1000 faces in 2018, I got to 800+. I did many of them live at festivals and markets


When the world returns to normal I will seek out more opportunities to paint and draw faces live - I hope to do yours :)


Mixed Media

In developing my mixed media abstracts I also started experimenting with my portrait work. I have since done a series of mixed media portraits that I really enjoy,



There is a great sense of satisfaction in developing an illustration that checks all the boxes. I need to make an active effort to illustrate often.

The greatest joy comes in capturing a character or scene that you think about even when your not looking at the artwork.

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