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Am I Drawing You Right Now?!

Maybe I'm drawing you or maybe you are waiting to be drawn. I thought I'd take this opportunity to let you know a couple of things.

First, thank you so much for supporting local artists! With every face I draw, my cup gets a little fuller, I strengthen my drawing skills, and meet a great citizen.

Second, I do more than live storybook portraits. I can help with many creative ideas you may have. Want to give your Uncle Frank a handmade card created from Grandma's wedding photo - I can help with that. I practice many styles including illustration, realism, abstraction, and more. I can work within many budgets. I can also work with an hourly rate to do live portraits at your next family BBQ, wedding, or trade show - what a great engagement activity.

Coming in 2025 - My first picture book will be hitting the shelves!!

I have a picture book inspired by the life of Henry David Thoreau coming out early next year. If you have a 3 - 7-year-old in your life who you would like to inspire with ideas like simple living, connecting with nature, and learning more about the value of creativity, this book will be great. Stay tuned.

Stay connected by subscribing to my website! I would love to share some of my creative adventuring a few times a year so sign up to inspire me to post more about me and my work!

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